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Truth Family Chiropractic

  • Health Care/Chiropractors
  • Health Care/Pediatricians
  • Wellness/Nutrition-Foods-Vitamins
  • Wellness/Therapeutic Massage
1905 EP True Pkwy, Ste. 207
West Des Moines, IA 50265
(515) 309-3791
Mon: 8:30-11:30, 3 - 6
Tue: 2 -4:30
Wed: 7:30-10:30, 2-5
Thur: 8-9:30, 2-4:30
Fri: 7:30-10
Sat: 7:30
  • About

    Our mission is to educate families on how to live their God-given healing potential!
    The design of the human body is not by chance. It was created uniquely to support and heal itself. It is healing every day and every night. It always knows what to do, fighting off viruses and bacteria and raising its temperature into a feverish state. Truth Family Chiropractic utilizes the philosophy of healing the body from the inside out versus the allopathic outside-in model.

    We are a family practice, caring for pregnant mamas and their newborns to grandma and grandpa. Everyone has a nervous system that needs to be assessed for subluxation (spinal misalignment) and have the opportunity to get healthier. Our doctors give recommendations based on each patient’s goals and their findings to get the best clinical results. We use diverse techniques to remove interference in the nervous system and improve spinal function, including a hands-on approach, ArthroStim, and soft tissue adjustments.

  • Directions

    From Interstate 35, get on Mills Civic Parkway. Drive east until you reach E.P. True Parkway. Head East on E.P. True Parkway until you reach Eggs and Jam on your left. Office is located there.