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Bob's Septic & Premium Privies

  • Environmental/Waste Management
  • Environmental/Mobile Toilets
  • Events/Special Events
  • Veteran Owned
2785 NE 46th Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50317
(515) 262-9174
Open 24 hours
  • About

    Bob’s Septic Tanks and Portable Restrooms is Central Iowa’s one stop shop for all your septic and portable restroom needs.

    We’re Not Exactly The New Kids On The Block…
    They say necessity is the mother of invention. No one knew that better than Bob Davis, the founder of Bob’s Septic.

    In Central Iowa during the 1970’s, if you wanted your septic tank pumped, there were only a couple of septic companies to call. Being someone who liked to take care of his own kingdom, Bob wanted the ability to service his own septic system. He set out buying a pickup truck, used boiler tank and pump then mounted them to it. Not one to ever be too serious, Bob incorporated his humor into every facet of the business he could. Smiley face stickers, the S.O.W. logo of a rolling outhouse, and his trademark smile were what he used to expand from septic tank pumping to porta potties. It was this humble beginning that started the company you know today as Bob’s Septic Tank and Portable Restroom Service.

    Bob’s Septic As We Know It Today
    Even though Bob has left us, we’re still, The Bob’s Team. We continue with our focus being the quality of our work and the dedication we have for our clients. We. Get. It. Done.