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The Greater Des Moines Partnership’s Directory includes contact information and maps for all Regional Chamber Members in Greater Des Moines (DSM) — more than 6,500 local businesses! To search by business category, select the links below the search bar. To search by business name, select “0–9” for business names that begin with a number or “A–Z” for businesses listed in alphabetical order.

Additionally, The Partnership relies on Investors to support its mission as the economic and community development organization serving Greater Des Moines (DSM). 

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Wild Rose Pastures, LLC

2342 105th St.
Van Meter, IA 50273-1540
(515) 460-8150
  • About

    We raise chicken, turkey, beef, and eggs for Central Iowa customers using sustainable practices. Our poultry feed is locally raised in Ankeny, Iowa and is GMO-free and antibiotic-free. Our cattle is 100% grass fed on fresh grass and hay in the winter, with no grain or byproducts. All of our products are available to you from us directly!

    Our tag line ''You are what your food eats'' means that healthy people come from healthy food. When the animal you eat gets no exercise, no sunshine, and an improper diet without its natural diet, then it is not a healthy animal. We humanely raise healthy animals with proper diets so that they can become part of a proper diet for your family's health and well-being.