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Iowa H2O

  • Food-Beverage/Bottled Water
1718 river forest drive
Fort Dodge, Iowa 50501
(515) 408-7682
7:30 am-5:00pm
  • About

    Iowa H2O is dedicated to ensuring Iowans have access the highest quality water possible. We produce the best tasting water in the world, and once you try it we know you will agree. We offer purified water cooler and coffee service for the office.

    Our state of the art facility, built in Fort Dodge Iowa, allows us to purify water without destroying its fantastic taste. Nature has gifted Iowa's water with a delicate, balanced, minerality; our cutting edge treatment process showcases the super premium flavor profile of Iowa's world class water.

    Iowa H2o is built by Iowans for Iowans, because this great state is, exactly, what we make it. The cities and municipalities of Iowa are trying their best, but handicapped by antiquated technology and overwhelmed by surface water pollution they can't keep up with a growing populations demand for clean wholesome water. Instead of waiting for the problem to fix itself, we decided to do something about it.

    Below us lies a naturally engineered wonder of epic proportions; a vast reservoir, continually replenished by water, slow filtered, dripping through microscopic channels that vein the limestone vault which holds and protects an ocean of fresh water spanning the entire state.
    we tapped into this aquifer, 400 feet below our purification facility, to bring Iowans the quality water they so desperately need.
    Come and visit us at our Clive location, have a drink, and experience the way Iowa's water should taste, you deserve it.