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The Greater Des Moines Partnership’s Directory includes contact information and maps for all Regional Chamber Members in Greater Des Moines (DSM) — more than 6,400 local businesses! To search by business category, select the links below the search bar. To search by business name, select “0–9” for business names that begin with a number or “A–Z” for businesses listed in alphabetical order.

Additionally, The Partnership relies on Investors to support its mission as the economic and community development organization serving Greater Des Moines (DSM). 

For more information about The Partnership, its Investors, Affiliate Chambers of Commerce and Chamber Members, visit the following pages: 

Customer Check

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    We all know customers can post and read reviews of local businesses on dozens of sites in order to make informed decisions. Now our members can do the same – only in reverse in a secure environment.

    Members of CustomerCheck.net can search for reviews and avoid problems with potential customers who have: Never paid, Demanded a Refund were Difficult to Work With or Left an Unfair Review. However, members can also leave a positive review if a customer was great to work with.

    If you have ever had a bad customer in the past, you can anonymously leave a review about your experience. As soon as you sign up, you can begin posting reviews on your customer experiences as far back in time as you wish to go. The larger the database, the more protected our members become.

    Members will have immediate access to thousands of reviews right in the greater Des Moines area. Soon the database will be national!